Great New Cause

Digging this movement to ban the stigma attached to the word “bossy,” that keeps girls from asserting themselves. Check out this video by Beyonce and others that explains why we should “Ban Bossy.”


Learn more about the organization here:


Is this the coolest girl ever?

This is B-Girl Terra and she is a 6-year-old British hip hop dancer. At six, Terra is cooler than I have ever been or ever will be. Despite already being a remarkable dancer, she told Ellen Degeneres that when she grows up she wants to be “a mermaid.”

Check out her moves:

Jungle – Platoon from Jungle on Vimeo.


And here she is on “Ellen” performing with her older sister, B-Girl Eddie:



How Can They Still Be Peddling This Nonsense?

worst shirtBack in 1992, I worked at the toy store FAO Schwarz, and we sold a talking Barbie Doll that said, “I like shopping,” followed by, “Math is hard.” These bits of vapid dialogue meant to mimic the thoughts of actual young girls were offensive and archaic in 1992. So what in the wide world is going on with this t-shirt in 2013? What designer/company thought it would be fun to promote anti-intellectualism? This dumb shirt is the first thing that has made me think that maybe it’s okay that Miley Cyrus is showing up everywhere naked.

For more about the importance of how girls see themselves perceived in marketing and the media please visit the impressive Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media.