The Sequel Is Here!

The sequel to Time Zero, TIME NEXT, is coming March 15, 2018! You can read a sneak preview here and preorder your copy here. Can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks!

Mina’s adventure continues in this sequel to the award-winning Time Zero. In book one, Mina and her friends narrowly escaped fundamentalist-ruled Manhattan. Now, they’ve been taken in by the Unbound, a modern community that wants to shelter and care for them. Mina, however, becomes increasingly nervous as she and her friends are forced apart, and she’s asked to alter her clothing, behavior, and even her faith. As she struggles to hold onto her identity, she also grapples with her secrets, even as the Unbound endeavor to discover each and every one.

TimeNext-cover-Nov 23

One response to “The Sequel Is Here!

  1. Are you going to be doing a second book the the lost children. It was such a good book and it would be amazing if there where to be a Second. I read the first one with the 5th grade call. I’m now in 8th grade and still think about the book. Lease right a second one.

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