“The Simpsons” Table Read

I had the thrill of a lifetime on Thursday when my friend Steve invited me to join him at a table read for “The Simpsons.” A “table read” is when the actors sit around a table and read the script for the first time together. It’s usually a time for the writers to figure out if everything is working well, and it’s a loose rehearsal for the actors. I was giddy with excitement and didn’t know exactly what to expect. Would all the actors be there? Would we be the only people watching? Could I ask Harry Shearer to use his Mr. Burns voice to say, “Excellent, Ms. Cohagan”? Mr. Shearer was actually not there. He literally “phoned it in,” as did Julie Kavner (Marge) and Yeardley Smith (Lisa). But Nancy Cartwright (Bart) and Dan Castellaneta (Homer) were there and that was enough to make me swoon with pleasure. And they both signed my script! Mostly it was incredible to observe that the writing was still hilarious and top tier after all these years.


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