Circa 1990


Last night I hauled my keister up to Bakersfield to see the Pixies and their amazing Doolittle tour. Well worth the trip. They played the entire album, start to finish, from the first track. Such a simple thing that bands rarely do live, and it was crazy satisfying, like eating a a five course meal and knowing there won’t be one dish you don’t like.

A piece of trivia I’ve just learned and love is that when singer Frank Black (Black Francis at the time, but born Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson IV) and guitarist Joey Santiago were looking for a bassist back in college, they put out a classified ad for a “female who listened to both folk music and Hüsker Dü.” And of course, they ended up with Kim Deal. Perfect.



I’m not going to lie. It was a little shocking to see their raw middle-aged selves. I’m sure for all of us there it was a splash of reality. None of us are exactly spring chickens anymore. I was also surprised by how outnumbered the female fans were by the males. There were TONS of hipster dudes in their forties, bobbing up and down, who knew every word to every song. Me and my female friends were really into the Pixies in college so I was surprised to see the lack of representation. Maybe they were all home with the kids?

Here is a video of good quality to make you nostalgic and then one of bad quality that I shot last night. Following that is an interesting interview with David Bowie where he talks about the long term influence the Pixies have had on rock.